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Brand Identity

Why do you need a Brand Identity kit?


​Research shows that a consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23% on average. So if you want to build your business it is vital you have a defined brand.

Just think of all the big companies out there from Apple to Amazon, or personal brands from David Beckham to Gary Vee. So many influencers are creating personal brands, because people buy people and getting across your USP is where your brand identity & strategy comes in.

Here is another stat for you, 64% of consumers say that shared values are the main reason that they have a trusted relationship with a brand. If your brand or website is not up to scratch, how are you able to demonstrate your value/company/product/services and earn the trust of your target audience?

People often get confused between Branding and Marketing, which essentially both work together, but don't mistake what they do and what they are for. For example, branding keeps customers, and Marketing gets you, customers. You need both to grow your business.

Our first impression is so important and is usually always a visual one. Ignoring this could be costing you money in your pocket. 

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