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Creative Design Manager Sky Creative

John Carden is a talented, enthusiastic, and reliable designer whom I had the pleasure of working with for a number of years at Sky Creative.

During that time John proved he is more than capable of taking projects from initial concept right through to final on air delivery.  John has a broad skill set, takes good direction, and has bags of enthusiasm and energy.

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Head of design at Vubiquity

John Carden set the benchmark for Vubiquity’s brand development, embarking on a journey that elevated the company worldwide. Thank you for taking Vubiquity’s brand to the next level


Our Promos were just bits of film cut together….until they were given to John. Energetically creative and ultimately talented, John Carden elevated Vubiquity’s promos to the next level. A fun fantastic person to work with, John is full of ideas and always delivered on time. It was an absolute joy working with him!


There was nothing asked of John that he could not do. One of the best designers I have ever had the pleasure to work with, he not only delivered creatively superb promos, the single-handedly raised the company brand’s status too. This guy is a winner!



Rapid mind transformational coach

John is a joy to work with. He is a great communicator, very organised, quick to deliver, and the quality of his work is top-notch.


This wasn't a "slap it together and we'll see how it looks" type of approach, it was very thorough and John showed how much he cared about creating a high end brand that worked for me and my business.



Success Coach, Founder of Life on her terms

John is an incredible designer. I believe he may actually be a mind reader, as he seems to understand your vision for your design and brand better than you can communicate it. I was so impressed at the time he took to collaborate on each element during the process.


He is also a perfectionist - which serves well when you are trying to create a unique brand and look to stand out in today's marketplace. I couldn't be happier with my brand and my website - it ties in all the elements of my personality, programs and message perfectly. If you want a look that will stand you out from the rest, John is your guy

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Soul Love Coach

Working with John was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level.  John’s personal attention to my needs, my work, and my business vision were instrumental in bringing my ideas to living colour.  Before working with John, my branding was non-existent; I was doing good work, but I did not have a proper representation of myself in the marketplace. 


John helped me to put my passion and work together in a cohesive way that authentically reflected my personality.  Having a clear brand has brought a surge of new clients, and past clients that are excited to work with me.  I am so grateful for John and his ah-amazing work, which has greatly impacted my life and my business.  If you are looking for a graphic designer who is both professional and efficient, I highly recommend John Carden.”



Extraordinary Man Coaching

I had the pleasure of having John work on my branding and it was a hassle-free fun process that ticked all the boxes.


John is knowledgeable and experienced, professional and creative, easy to work with and delivers on time and as expected.


Not only did he do a great job, but he also dealt with all my creative requirements from website to business cards, and he did it very efficiently.


I am more than happy to recommend John as I am certain he will deliver for you as well.



Archelois First Aid Training

I was struggling trying to do my own website and after a lot of stress and cursing, I had a very boring poor website. I contacted John about redoing my website. He was out of my price range but was definitely more than worth the investment.


I now have an outstanding website that looks amazing on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. It looks incredibly professional and I am 100% sure nobody could have done such a great job.


I can’t recommend John enough, a very friendly, helpful and professional person.


Martin & Angie Parry

Founders of Podiatry & Chiropody Clinic

We are extremely happy with the result. From the websites John had already created, we knew it would be a very visual and engaging website. The photographer must take a lot of credit and the shot list that John gave him was instrumental. 


We have had wonderful feedback from many people commenting on it. It has been described as – personable, accessible, professional, easy to navigate, relevant, engaging, and brilliant. 


Our copy has received praise too, and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.


John is a leader in his field in current and modern website design and branding. He explains things clearly and always keeps calm and professional during difficult moments. He is deeply passionate about the brand and the look being right.



Made for More People Management

’I came to John with quite many open ideas about my future brand and website, but while working with him he really helped me to narrow them down. He understands people, business and he is super quick and organized. He continued to surprise me with his top-notch skills along the way.


The final result is totally inline with me, my brand, my values and my business and the design is just excellent. I can not have chosen a better designer, since he is much more than that.



Author, Coach & Inspirational Speaker

John is just brilliant! He captured my personality and translated it into a brand I’m absolutely in love with. He nailed it on the first try and, when I first saw it, I felt he had somehow read my soul and get me at a deep level.


John is so incredibly talented and what he creates is truly a work of art. I consistently get compliments on my branding, website and book cover. I can’t wait to work with him on future assets to support my business. I can’t recommend John enough!



Family Homeopath

I cannot recommend John enough! I am so grateful for the amazing work he has done for me over the past 6 months. John has taken my brand from its infancy and has produced designs that are totally reflective of myself and my offering.


He is incredibly easy to work with, brilliant at communicating and making any required adjustments. John also seems to have this skill of creating something that you love like he has managed to get inside your brain and see exactly what you have as your vision!


John has created my logo design, FB page banner, FB group banner, Instagram images and templates, business cards and bookmarks. I look forward to working with him again in the future and if you are also looking for a brilliant designer I can assure you that you couldn't be in safer hands. Thanks, John for all of your hard work



Conscious Karmic Creation Coach

I am beyond thrilled with the results that John has created for me. He was able to take the very essence of who I am and what I stand for, and have my logo and brand represent me in a subtle yet stonkingly standout way - who even knew that was possible?


His phenomenal talent is coupled with a deep, deep passion that emerges through his work and once he’s dialled in, it all happens so quickly, professionally and efficiently. John has made a potentially challenging process for me an absolute pleasure, and I am so grateful for that.


He kept things as simple as he could for me, constantly communicating, supporting me and only delivering on his promise, but often going the extra mile, all wrapped up with a killer sense of humour! I can’t recommend him highly enough.



7-Figure Success Coach & Founder of I Heart My Life

John is one of the best designers I’ve worked with over the past 6 years.

He has the ability to understand your brand quickly (seemingly rare, at least in the coaching space) and will come up with strong designs to help grow your business. He’s super efficient at getting things done quickly, organized and on the ball in every sense of the word.

John is a joy to work with. He's quick and organized, his communication is top-notch, and his work is always pristine. He sets himself apart from the crowd by how much he cares about his clients and about the work he delivers.



Founder of BMS-HRM & Career Coach

I launched my business 3 years ago and me being me, I jumped straight into action without giving much attention to my branding.


3 years down the line, I was sitting on a brand that didn't resonate with me and was totally inconsistent and disconnected.


Working with John helps you to define your product and to build that confidence to show up to the world on all social media platforms and on-line and off-line publications. Working with John not only has been a game-changer but lots of fun too!!


I will for sure be coming back to John in 12 months time to update my branding as my business evolves and changes very rapidly!

celeste profile.jpg


Founder of 314 Academy

Before meeting John I didn’t put much thought into branding.  I had a good idea and a business name.  I thought that was all I needed to be successful.  John taught me that branding is so much more than a colour scheme and a logo, it actually defines who you are as an organization.  It is vital to determine a brand because it is the pipeline for building trust with your customers. 


Your brand goes beyond WHAT you offer and shows customers WHY what you offer is important.  John was patient and easy to work with while helping me build my brand.  With his services you get more than a website designer, you get someone who can take your business from a good idea to a visual story that is the foundation of business success.

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