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Imagine how it would feel...

To have your product ready for sale in a matter of weeks?

If you have been through my website, you will have seen that I have created (along with my wife Kirsty Carden) our own digital product called #letsgetvisible Content Creation Toolkit. Who better to create your very own product than someone who has been and done it themselves?

Here are just some of the areas you will need to think about when creating your digital product and it can all be done for you by myself.



Create the products brand Identity:

Example - Logo, colours, fonts, graphic assets etc


Create the product/products?:

Example - Templates, workbooks, training videos, membership etc


Create marketing materials:

Example - Promotional animating video, Social media adverts graphics, Sales page design, testimonials etc.


Support through the process :

Example - Make changes to ad graphics, update sales page, make more marketing materials.



• Brand Identity

• Products

• Marketing

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