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If your website is poorly designed, or out of date you could be sending away that 84% and more.

Let me paint a little picture for you. Someone sends a prospective client your way. They’re a warm, maybe even a hot lead. What is the first thing they do before contacting you? They google you to check out your website.

Then you hear nothing from them, why? Because your poorly designed website puts them off. Instead of giving them confidence and establishing trust, your site did just the opposite. It created doubt, uncertainty and a general unprofessional feeling about you and your company.

So what is the answer?

Simple! get professional branding first, which will lead the design of the website and create that consistency and confidence for your consumer to take the next step and book a call, or make a purchase. Plus, think about it who is better suited than the same designer who created your brand, saving you time and money looking elsewhere.

Here's the thing there are so many options with web design from Wix, to WordPress, SEO, keywords etc and I am not going to lie, you will need to think about those things, but we can discuss all this on a call and break it down for you. I want to get to know you and your goals for your website, so I can determine if we are a good fit and from there I can help. Chances are, if I have created your Brand Identity then I already understand your vision better than most. So book a call and let's have a chat.



Archelois First Aid Training

I was struggling trying to do my own website and after a lot of stress and cursing, I had a very boring poor website. I contacted John about redoing my website. He was out of my price range but was definitely more than worth the investment.


I now have an outstanding website that looks amazing on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. It looks incredibly professional and I am 100% sure nobody could have done such a great job.


I can’t recommend John enough, a very friendly, helpful and professional person.


Martin & Angie Parry

Founders of Podiatry & Chiropody Clinic

We are extremely happy with the result. From the websites John had already created, we knew it would be a very visual and engaging website. The photographer must take a lot of credit and the shot list that John gave him was instrumental. 


We have had wonderful feedback from many people commenting on it. It has been described as – personable, accessible, professional, easy to navigate, relevant, engaging, and brilliant. 


Our copy has received praise too, and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.


John is a leader in his field in current and modern website design and branding. He explains things clearly and always keeps calm and professional during difficult moments. He is deeply passionate about the brand and the look being right.



Made for More People Management

’I came to John with quite many open ideas about my future brand and website, but while working with him he really helped me to narrow them down. He understands people, business and he is super quick and organized. He continued to surprise me with his top-notch skills along the way.


The final result is totally inline with me, my brand, my values and my business and the design is just excellent. I can not have chosen a better designer, since he is much more than that.

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