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Offshoot Operations

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Project Overview: As Specialists in graphics, virtual production, and camera tracking operations, Offshoot Operations embarked on a rebranding journey under the guidance of Managing Director Michael. Together, we conceptualized a new name for the company and curated a premium visual identity to match. This cohesive branding strategy was seamlessly integrated across all media platforms, culminating in the development of a fresh, modern website that reflects Offshoot Operations' innovative approach and industry expertise.

Offshoot Operations Brand Guide

Your Ethical Home Interior Design

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Project Overview: Create a brand and website for an interior design company dedicated to prioritizing ethically sourced materials. I collaborated closely with the owner to establish a brand identity that deeply resonated with her vision and appealed to her ideal clientele. This involved meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of her values. Subsequently, I developed a sleek and sophisticated website that served as a refined platform to showcase her portfolio and highlight her commitment to sustainable practices.

Your Ethical Home Brand Guide

Taki Gold - Artist & Clothing Brand

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Project Overview: I spearheaded the development of a distinctive brand identity for Artist Taki Gold and his clothing line, navigating the challenge of encapsulating Taki's unique essence within the branding itself. The objective was to ensure that the branding reflected his individuality. Additionally, I designed and implemented a dynamic website to facilitate the sale of his clothing line. Moreover, I crafted various marketing materials including sales booklets and tailored social media marketing templates to further amplify Taki's brand presence and engage his audience effectively.

Taki Gold Brand Guide

Kirsty Carden - Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

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Project Overview: My wife's thriving coaching business demanded a distinctive Brand Identity that authentically reflected her and the essence of her business. This encompassed a comprehensive suite of branded materials, including online and print workbooks, promotional videos, keynote presentations, social media templates, and a website. Each element was meticulously crafted to resonate with her audience and convey the unique value she offers.

Kirsty Carden Brand Guide

Samantha Hearne Coaching

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Project Overview: was tasked with developing a personal brand to embody Sam and her business coaching services tailored for women. This involved creating a suite of assets including a website, sales pages, social media marketing templates, workbooks, and business cards. Each asset was meticulously crafted to resonate with Sam's target audience and effectively convey her expertise and unique approach to coaching.

Samantha Hearne Brand Guide

Podiatry & Chiropody Clinic

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Project Overview: Their website and brand were in dire need of a refresh, presenting an outdated image across all fronts, from their physical signage and business cards to their online presence. Over the course of several months, I collaborated closely with the owners to craft a modern brand identity. This involved a comprehensive overhaul, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring a modern and cohesive brand representation. Subsequently, I partnered with a skilled photographer to translate the essence of their clinic experience into captivating visuals for their website design, enhancing its appeal and resonance. Video of before and after rebrand HERE.

Podiatry & Chiropody Clinic Brand Guide
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